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About me

Małgorzata Reczek-Hall

I studied  fashion at The Techniku Odzieżowe w Krośnie and and have a Masters degree in cartography.

I am the founder of I4yourfashion. For the last 4 years I have provided fitting consultation and pattern making services, taking patterns from the sample stage through to the production process.

12 years of industry experience in design, draping, pattern making  for mens, womens and childrens clothes,as well as advanced sewing skills and experience in a manufacturing environment allow me to deliver a pattern product precise in measurement, fit, detail and balance.

Over the years I  have created patterns for a number of major international brands including Mexx, Super Star, Steps, Watcher, Forecast,  DiDi, Silver Creek, Tender, as well as Polish brands such as  Mohito, Autograf, BarbaraB, Linear, New Men. I have also done work for  individual designers like Dorota Odój (  Poland )  and Gasine Moritz ( Germany ).